"Every Pixel is Precious"


Digital photography can be a simple recording of scenes and events, but it can also be the starting point of an adventure into a world of light and colour. If variety is the spice of life, why should digital images be restricted to any particular style or subject, or confined to conventional techniques and methods?

As soon as I see my images on the computer screen, they start to develop personalities of their own, as if they want to be portrayed in a certain way. Rather like painting a portrait, my task is to listen, be guided by the qualities of each individual image and try to bring out its full potential. Some images lend themselves to a natural look and require very little processing, others are more like raw material waiting to be moulded into shape. Every subject, whether a landscape, seascape, flower, impressive monument or detailed study, is unique in its own way and deserves its own special treatment.


Welcome to my world of digital photography and image making! Click an image below to see an enlarged version, or visit my Portfolio (opens in a new window/tab).

All images are available as framed prints, standard art prints, stretched canvas, acrylic or metal prints.

Print Collections

  • IRELAND - Images from the Emerald Isle, the Island of Ireland, north and south
  • SCOTLAND - Images on a Scottish theme. Landscapes, seascapes, glens, mountains, historical buildings, etc
  • ENGLAND - English scenery and heritage
  • WALES - The scenic beauty of Wales
  • FOREST AND WOODLAND - The beauty of trees in natural settings
  • FLORAL - Flower portraits
  • ANCIENT MONUMENTS - Ancient ruins and prehistoric monuments
  • PANORAMAS - Images in extra wide panoramic format
  • BLACK AND WHITE - Images in black and white or with selective colour processing
  • SEPIA AND TONED - Images with sepia or color toned processing
  • BLUE AND WHITE CHINA - Inspired by antique hand-painted porcelain
  • STILL LIFE AND DETAILS - An exploration of shapes, patterns and colours
  • SEASCAPES - Colour photographs of coast and sea
  • LANDSCAPES - Natural scenery from the UK and Ireland
  • OUT OF FRAME - Pictures where some element appears to be escaping from the confines of a photograph into the real world
  • DIGITAL - Computer-based art, fractals and graphics
  • BUILDINGS - Historic buildings, churches and architectural details
  • LIVING WORLD - Animals, birds, insects
  • GREEN - Warm greens
  • BLUE - Cool blues